online car rental system

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Online car rental system features


storefront system


Track car rental approval status

Enter the homepage to see various information of the car, car pictures, car prices, promotions, maps, direct contact information, facebook line number

Rent a car online Choose the day you want to rent and return it. Fill in the details.


Can be rented as a member or not to apply for membership (But must fill in all the same information)


back-office system

  • Check out car rental operators

  • car rental approval When the customer comes to pick up, they squat the car in the system. When the customer returns the car, they return the car in the system.

  • View historical data approved items The list of cars that have been squatted Items that returned the car successfully Car rental cancellation list Car rental disapproved list

  • Manage vehicle information, add and edit vehicle information.

  • Online car rental operator ratings data

  • manage promotions

  • add user

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