Leave the old system, meet the system POS new look

The experience the immediacy of a statement as you please. Just having a mobile phone can manage your store.

The system responds to food ordering, kitchen queues, back-of-store stock, profitable capital, controlling all branches of restaurants via a single mobile phone with the most efficient, most modern at present.


Mobile Ordering

Storefront system: convenient with

Order food by yourself by scanning QR CODE.

Each table can be ordered via mobile phone by everyone.

Don't waste time installing the APP.

Multiple payment options Online/Credit Card/Cash

Kitchen system : convenient with

Order food to the kitchen in order of queue.

No waste paper printing system is required. Know the cooking status up to the serving process. Real-time food order report to the owner's line

Owner : Convenient with

Remote control over all branches

Payment system sent to LINE

Owner every time/every bill The owner can view the status of the remote table zone usage. Copyright belongs to the shop. No monthly fee

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Mobile Odering Program

    The waiters take orders. or customers can order food by themselves Is a restaurant app that increases the speed and accuracy of service Place a list of restaurants that meet lifestyles QR Scan adds a new experience by ordering food from a mobile phone QR-Code that lets merchants know that Wherever you sit in the shop, this part is like Head. 

  Highlights of the restaurant program via QR Code

- No monthly or yearly service fee
- Ordering system without sharing % with the company
- Able to order food, reserve seats, pay via online system
- Can order food via Smart Phone of all brands
- Able to order outside the shop, order in the shop from the customer's Smart Phone or the owner's Smart Phone.
- Automatic link ordering system
- Receipts can be printed or not printed to reduce paper wastage.
- The system supports location embroidery to manage the delivery of the shop.
- The system is the copyright of the customer directly, unlimited functions. Unlimited bills for issuing
- Capital summary system, profit per dish, check stock, control staff, control the kitchen according to all restaurant business management principles


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- The system sends reports of customer payments in Real-Time to the shopkeeper via Line.
- Kitchen management system reduces corruption by 90%
- The system sends a summary report via Online to the shop owner.
- The system is easy to use, easy to set the picture, set menu
- The system has a function to choose the theme of the screen.
- The system has a function to recommend the best selling food of the shop.
- The investment in using the system is twice as much as the old system.
- The system does not rely on the shop's Internet IP to order. but can order via the customer's internet immediately
- The system is more stable than food ordering systems via iPad iPhone Android that rely on the Internet via IP.