Foodcourt System

food court program

      Myhost  Started to develop a food court program. Through the card instead of cash since 2005, the system in the past was written in C language instead of window, so the system was 100% MIcrocontroller. It is a connection and transfer of data from the parent device to the child via the telephone line. The system will be able to use and know each other. The system was written to store 6000 member data, which at that time was named Quick RFID Q6000 with the first customer as a business. Air-conditioned food court in Chiang Mai Later, the system began to be applied to more schools. But with the limitation of Board and Cpu to store data And bringing new data into the system, the company had to modify the mainboard and update the new function, resulting in a function Quick RFID V8 which can support more population than before. 


Make difficult things easy


    Food court program with food court card reader and RFID card

Quick RFID is a system that is produced to meet the needs of large corporate customers whose executives have a wide vision and need modern convenience, such as hospitals, schools, universities, state enterprises, government organizations, etc.

- It's a MiFare 1K card.
- Cards are durable with Ship inside, more durable than magnetic stripe cards.
- Cards are modern Widely used in foreign countries such as Japan, the United States, Singapore.
- Cards are written in a multi-step nested code system that is difficult to counterfeit.
- The card is valid for 50 years.
- Storage card and a link to the system Even if the parent point and the child point are far apart, the card can read the information on that point.
- The card has been entered before being used in the system
- Cards can be printed or designed in a variety of ways. Suitable to be student card, employee card, etc.

  Features of RFID Food Center Card

- Cards can be printed or designed in a variety of ways. Suitable to be student card, employee card, etc.
- The card can be used with the School Admin system.
- The card can be used as a substitute for cash.
- You can top up the card and redeem it for cash back.
- Can be used to pay in the Food Court system, equipment
- Thickness of card size 0.70 MM
- OFF SET printing system



    1. Apply to the school system All student records can be checked in all departments of the school, such as administration, nursing, academics, finance, etc., using an RFID card.
    2. Applied to the school food center system Use your card instead of cash to buy food in the school food court.
    3. Used with the school equipment system to buy school supplies in cooperative stores school mini mart
    4.Used with the school bus system That sends students daily by using the card to touch the RFID point on the car and cut the money immediately.
    5. It is a student card in the body with a picture, name, student ID number in the body. Every detail has a clear summary of the money movement account report.

  The Company's food center card system can be used in conjunction with the school system as follows: