Access system for water parks, amusement parks

We choose to use the RFID Wristband system via a Windows-compatible reader on a tablet. Employees of the water park, zoo or amusement park can use a mobile device. without the need for permanent installation and can support the management system for water parks, amusement parks, and zoos in all sectors of the organization

MyHost's Tag RFID Wristband system can be both

  • in-out system

  • electronic ticket system

  • Wrisband system instead of cash can buy food in both

  • Foodcourt

  • Restaurant / Coffee Shop

  • Massage salon / spa salon

  • souvenir shop

  • or installed on the bus to pay via RFID TagWristband

MyHost of beeps can be installed under water kiosks, restaurants, souvenir shops, a water park or outside. Without having to pay for a complicated network operation, it can be serviced on the bus. Move customers who come as a school group tour group. that brings students to study excursions as well

Outstanding features

  • Silicone wristband / sweat resistant / shock resistant / waterproof                        

  • RFID Tag, frequency 13.56 MHz

  • Reuse RFID tags are wasteful, reusable, and highly durable.                      

  • Mobile system / unlimited area

  • The system can verify the accuracy / support the system in - out.                     

  • system for purchasing goods instead of cash

  • Support system for joining a group                                          

  • The system does not require a Lan cable, does not need a Server.