food court program

Suitable for schools, food courts, hotels, events. System that will make your administration easy.


No Server required


unlimited area distance


 Processing speed 0.4 seconds / 1 person

Summary of daily percentage cuts

System properties

  • Not a problem with use - The system can back up the built-in power through the battery for 3 hours in case of power failure.

  • The system supports pressing the amount via Numpad and Touch Screen.

  • The large screen number system is clearly visible.

  • The system can be installed independently. No Lan cables required

  • The reader can be placed freely for easy portability.

Features of RFID Food Center Card


  • It is a Mi Fare 1 K card.

  • The card is durable with ship inside, more durable than magnetic stripe cards.

  • the card is modern Widely used in foreign countries such as Japan, the United States, Singapore.

  • The card is written in a system with multiple nested codes that are difficult to counterfeit.

  • The card is valid for 50 years.

  • Storage card and a connector to the system Even if the parent point and the child point are far apart, the card can read the information on that point.

  • The card has been entered before being used in the system.

  • Cards can be printed or designed in a variety of ways. Suitable to be student card, employee card, etc.

  • The card can be used with the School Admin system.

  • The card can be used as a substitute for cash.

  • You can top up the card and redeem it for cash back.

  • Can be used to pay in the Food Court system, equipment.

  • Thickness of the card size 0.70 MM.

  • OFF SET printing system