Row name check system

The name check is an activity to line up in front of the flagpole of the students in the school. to help facilitate to the teacher In tracking students entering the rows of each day, they can summarize the statistics of students entering and leaving each room individually or individually according to various characteristics. to apply It can be used to promote the development of students in education and other fields.

  • Check the student's name in front of the flagpole as an advisor (name check).

  • Make corrections to check student names in front of the flagpole as an advisor (edit name check)

  • Hand over the right to check the name in front of the row to other teachers to check on their behalf. (Send to another teacher to check his name instead)

  • Check the names of students who have been granted permission from other teachers. (Check names on behalf of other teachers)

  • View the history of checking students' names in front of the row.

  • View the history of sending check rights to other teachers.

  • notify via line When someone sends you the right to check your name

  • notify via line When the name check is complete


  • manage teacher information

  • Manage student information

  • View daily check summaries for all classes.

  • Issue a PDF of a summary of the name check of each class student.

  • Issue a PDF of the individual student's name check summary report.

  • View a summary of the total daily check-in totals in absences, arrivals, late arrivals, and percentages.

  • Issue reports of absences and calls at the class level and classroom level

  • Issue reports including school, absences, arrivals, leave and being late.

  • Set up grade deductions when students are absent or late.