infirmary system

It is to keep a record of the use of the hospital room of the students, so that they can know the history of each treatment of the students and staff so that those who come to receive treatment in the hospital can be more comfortable. Can use the information contained in Comprehensive student health care


  • Service attendance record of students, teachers

  • Service details record

  • Make a list and statistics of service usage.

  • Line notification

  • View reports on drug intake or dispensing. as well as a daily report summary and monthly

  • There is a report on the treatment

  • have a drug inventory system Enables accurate and precise management of the drug system.

  • Able to export (Export) reports in the form of  PDF file  Word file  Excel file

  • and many other abilities


Nursing and School Health is a work that provides student health services with a focus on ensuring that all students are healthy. Complete physically, mentally, emotionally, providing services to students in first aid