Scanning system in and out of prayer rooms

Religious activities of Islamic schools across the country very important Because the school does not focus only on academics or the expansion of the student population, but the main focus, which is the heart of an Islamic school, is strictly religious activities.

Scanning system in and out of prayer rooms

  • It is a Microcontroller system. Written in the first C language system in Thailand.

  • Thai language menu, easy to use

  • In the event that the reader has a problem, there will be problems at specific points, not bad for the whole system.

  • Can fix software via Up Firmware at any time and can be used immediately.



  • Record 5 prayer times

  • Send messages via Line in Real-Time

  • Individual reports

  • Schedule a tap-out of entering the prayer room.

  • separate male/female clearly separated

clock (1).png

You can check prayer times.


No annual fee per term


Real-time notification


Suitable for religious schools

 _application scanned out. Prayer room suitable for Islamic schools, both ordinary and religious. 
and suitable for Christian schools and general schools that focus on the ministering of students